Just 1.8 square miles, Chelsea, Massachusetts is next to scenic Boston Harbor and on the Mystic and Chelsea Rivers. Chelsea was settled in 1624, incorporated as a town in 1794, and later as a city in 1857. The Industrial Revolution transformed the once pastoral suburb into an active manufacturing center.

Hit by a massive fire in 1908 and again in 1973, the citizens and business people of Chelsea have rebuilt their city each time with remarkable determination.

While perhaps most well-known for its industrial roots, Chelsea has so many other appealing assets:

As the city of Chelsea continues to evolve, a new industry is emerging. Firms specializing in research & development, medical technology and devices, and pharmaceuticals are attracted to Chelsea’s proximity to Cambridge, major research universities (MIT, Tufts Boston University, Harvard) and the area's top teaching hospitals (Mass General, Brigham & Women's, Boston Medical, Tufts Medical Center).

The New England Produce Center

Chelsea is home to the New England Produce Center, the largest fruit and vegetable processing center in the Greater Boston region. In fact, the New England Produce Center, also known as the Chelsea Produce Market, is one of the largest of its kind in the country.

To learn about how American Reinvestment and Recovery Act monies are being invested in Chelsea’s Produce Market, please read this article from "The Green Blog," published on Boston.com.

Area Businesses

Here is a handful of the produce companies operating in or nearby the New England Produce Center:

And there's a lot more than just produce in the Cheslea! Other area businesses include:

Exceptional Workers

Chelsea and its surrounding communities host a competitive labor-force ready to work at your facility. The area is home to an army of skilled laborers and tech-savvy workers.